tbh i have no fucking clue about what cambridge unis are actually like and tbh i doubt im ever going to see one but it is nice when they have the may ball in june and you get to see them all in their hogwarts prom dresses

and people will say are u still on that and the answer is yes i am

tbh the last thing im gonna say on my deathbed is probs going to be god i wished they’d hired someone hotter for peeta

aw mate i think lorde was the absolute best choice to do the hunger games soundtrack bc her music has got that sort of hypnotic monologue thing going for it that totally fits mocking jay

how wild must pharrell if he’s totally chill when in a car with a drunk driving puppet and his ed sheeran

all stuff aside did u notice that jack farthing was basically playing the same guy from blandings in the riot club

aw mate u literally just know that when an inspector calls is knocked off the gcse english curriculum posh is going to sidle right on up in there

i always laugh about callus nude tho like “well now u all know what it looks like” thats just classic to me

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omg 5sos in the live lounge they’re like a bunch of five year olds who found a big box

marinas career is so interesting bc she goes from this really vitriolic, outwardly subversive album to this really drinking the kool aid subversive album thats like, a fucking stylistic feat