the song magic reminds me of fresno and california bc we drove along le grand road twice when it came along and the song best day of my life reminds me of yosemite bc thats where it came on

dont u think its funny how selena gomez could just switch to making adult music like seamlessly without going through all of that ariana grande music

no but like do u remember when everyone thought margo would be one of those indie actresses like mae whitman or whatever and then its like oh we’ve cast cara fucking delevigne

really bummed bc i wanted to be in paper towns

its only like the first two weeks of school so friendships are kind of wobbly atm but i really need to find someone to see the riot club with me bc those boys are fit

im actually really excited for mocking jay like they can change it as much as they want like they add in 100009 pointless scenes of donald sutherland laughing like nicki minaj in anaconda like haha im such an evil dude and i would lap it the fuck up but i just want them to keep johanna’s scenes the same 

not in these shoes: memoirs of chloe surname

urgh mate im so sick of frankenstein like @ mary shelley ur so cool but ur novel blooowsss

im genuinely not kidding i feel like for me city of bones and the hunger games have the greatest love stories like ever like pffshs pofff at shakespeare rip off harry potter fanfic is where its at

its so sad that city of bones got so effed up in the movie department

like dont get me wrong i love jamie campbell bower but there are 10000000000 plus unemployed buff guys u could and should have cast in the role